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Enjoy your Pool More Today and Every Day

Weekly Rockwall Pool Service is a seasoned pool care company serving customers in the Rockwall & Rowlett region. Being a family owned business with multiple generations of experience allows us to keep our objectives uncomplicated - provide the most reliable & trustworthy workmanship in the Rockwall, TX area. Our service is secured by our Pool Service Guarantee. No other Rockwall, TX pool company wants to earn and retain you as a pool service customer more than we do! We are in business to protect your investment in your inground pool, save you time, and create a healthy backyard setting for you and your family.

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For Rockwall Residents we Constructed a Premium & Standard Pool Service Plan

* Advertised Starting Price   ( Monthly service fee is based on a 4 week billing interval )

For customers who have a spa attached to your swimming pool, all pool service prices quoted will include your spa and this can change the monthly service price.

Pentair Pool Products Company Polaris Pool Products Company Hayward Pool Products Company Jandy Pool Products Company
Our Rockwall local technicians use pool equipment, supplies, parts and products from top brands like Hayward, Polaris, Pentair and Jandy.

Taking Care of Rockwall Pools in 23 Maintenance Points

Pool owners on our weekly Rockwall service route will get these tasks performed by a qualified pool tech every week.

Your Swimming Pool Chemicals & Water Balance
  1. pH Factor - retain
  2. Chlorine - retain
  3. Total Alkalinity - retain Stabilize the pH with sodium bi-carbonate.
  4. Salt Content - weekly on saltwater pools
  5. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - verify
  6. Chloramines - retain Harmful to eyes, we get rid of them.
  7. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point) - verify
  8. Temperature (for pH factor calculation) - verify Evaluate pool temp for better pH adjustments.
  9. Water Hardness - verify
  10. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - retain
  11. Cyanuric Acid - verify Looking for the proper amount.

Pool Equipment Checks
  1. Polaris / Pool Sweep checked and cleaned
  2. Pump strainer baskets checked and emptied
  3. Filter backwashes: DE filters (monthly), sand filters (weekly)
  4. Valves monitored Examined and adjusted to improve circulation.
  5. Polaris / Pool Sweep: operation checked
  6. Skimmer baskets checked and emptied
  7. Polaris / Pool Sweep debris bags checked and emptied

General Pool Service
  1. Brush walls and steps
  2. Hose Vacuum *
  3. Brush spa
  4. Net pool bottom and surface *
  5. Leaf & Debris Vacuuming *

* Premium Pool Service Plan Only

» View the Premium Pool Service Plan Cost and Details

» View the Standard Pool Service Plan Cost and Details

All Pool Plans Include our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Rockwall pool owner is important to us. Learn More »

Rockwall Swimming Pool Remodeling

Weekly Rockwall Pool Service is more than just great pool service business, we also design, renovate and remodel pools in amazing ways. Read our list of pool remodeling options and ideas .

Our Service Route Coverage

Whether you reside in the Rockwall 75087 or 75032 zip code (or a nearby area), we can provide you with weekly pool service from our knowledgeable and dependable pool technicians.

Pool Partners

It's clear to us that customer referrals are the gold standard of business growth. As a result we also love to support growing companies in the pool service line of work that we know perform quality work, such as The Pool Experts from Jensen Beach, FL.

Rockwall Texas is a Great Place to Call Home

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Start Loving your Pool Again

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your swimming pool. Our company stands behind our pool plans with our Pool Service Guarantee.

Send us a message or call us at (972) 994-6772 if you would like to get on our weekly service for pool service or inquire about pricing.